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Dr.Muhammad Asif Ayub
Dr.Babar Khan Jadoon
Saifullah Khan


The slogan of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf under the leadership of Imran Khan to make Pakistan  ‘State of Medina’ was an effort towards building Quaid’s Pakistan based on Islamic teachings. This claim of PTI has been criticised by both the secular and religious political opponents. They called it misuse of religion to get political interests. In Pakistan all the constitutions (1956, 1962, 1973) declared Pakistan to be an Islamic republic; but despite of this majority of the political parties both secular and religious parties are not satisfied. The religious political parties have kept the ideology as a political slogan but failed to bring forward any assuring roadmap in line with the Islamic framework barring few controversial steps by General Zia towards Islamization of some laws. It has been observed that the state has mostly taken a prevaricating excuse to move towards state systems based on strong pillars of Islam. Taking the advantage of this, the non-state actors have started activities on the basis of a claim that they want to make Pakistan an Islamic State. This confussion led to the issue of peace and security. In order to deal this situation, government has to take stronger position to ensure peace and security in the country. This articles is an effort to dig out efforts to make Pakistan a State of Medina and resistance on one hand and some suggestion in this regards on the other hand. In this study, historical and analytical research methodology has been adopted with a qualitative approach.

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Muhammad Asif Ayub , D., Khan Jadoon, D., & Khan, S. (2023). MAKING PAKISTAN RIAST-E-MADINA AN IDEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE. International Research Journal of Islamic Culture and Communication, 1(2), 37–46. Retrieved from